Client Comments

      Listed below are comments from some of my clients.

Holly wrote:

I am so happy I got to work with Dale for my first home! Not knowing much as a first time buyer, I ended up hearing horror stories from friends and family about their realtors and am so thankful I had a completely different experience than them! Dale laid out all the steps for me and made me aware of all the issues we could face with each step. When things came up, he laid out all my options objectively and only gave his personal advice when asked for! I never felt like I was being pushed to buy a house out of my range or that I didn’t love! I absolutely love my new home and would recommend Dale to anyone in the Mooresville/Charlotte area!


Eric and Taylor wrote:

I would highly recommend Dale Robbins if interested in buying or selling a home. Being first time home buyers, the process for my wife and I presented many challenges and issues that are difficult to navaigate. We were extremely grateful to work with Dale, as his experise, patience, and helpful attitude made the entire process seamless and easier. His knowledge of the market and how things progress was a great resource. More importantly, he always made himself available and his responsiveness was exceptional, whether it was during the day or after business hours, and on weekends. His follow up and willingness to make sure we are all set up in our new home even after closing is something we hold in high regard. We couldn't have been happier with our experience and would highly recommend Dale Robbins to anyone.


Roderick and Dana wrote:

Thank you for taking such great care of us! You were there for us every step of the way to make the process smooth, fun & stress free. May God bless you as He has us with you as our Realtor! 


Terry and Kathy wrote:

To start with this was not our first time using Dale Robbins. He helped us purchase and sell a home 4 years ago and was absolutely the best Realtor I’ve ever used, making what was a very stressful time a whole lot easier. That being said it was a no brainer that we’d use him to sell our home this time also. This man goes so far above and beyond what he needs to in order to help you sell (or buy) your home. 
I would definitely recommend him as your potential realtor and can guarantee you will not be disappointed.


Brandon and Maria wrote:

We are really glad to have met you Dale, and to have had the opportunity to do business with you... we absolutely hope to see and do business with you again! Thank you for everything you did for us... We leaned on you a lot with this being our first time buying a home and you exceeded our expectations! We really appreciated you taking the initiative to handle things that we would've been lost trying to figure out, and we certainly appreciate your promptness with all the texts/calls/emails. Thanks to your family, also, for the sacrificed time to help us out...


Tracy and Anita wrote:

Dale is AMAZING!!!! He is a wonderful realtor and now great friend to have. We started the house buying process in central FL January 2017 and Dale literally took the wheel and helped us through a hell of a process. We were only able to travel for brief periods due to work in FL), and I could call  Dale, surprise! I'm in town, and he was ready to roll. Very professional, made sure the banks, lenders, sellers everyone was on schedule. I did not have to call and verify, Dale had it all taken care of. The bank that handled my loan took his info to hand out to potential buyers because she was so impressed with him. Seriously the best call I ever made on a whim was when I saw his sign in a yard on a Sunday and he answered ready to talk. I hope that anyone looking for a friendly, family oriented fighter to get them in their dream home that they call Dale Robbins. We have been in our new home in Charlotte for a month now (11/2017) and are still in touch with him about updates and pics of new floors. Awesome guy! Sincerely, Anita, Tracy and the boys


Ben and Bernice wrote:

We have purchased and sold 3 homes over the years and the experience with Dale Robbins was by far the best. We cannot speak highly enough of Dale’s personable professionalism. Dale’s communication was clear, organized, timely and, we believe, complete. Dale did not leave it up to us to come up with  ideas and request, he takes action. When the appraiser requested particular items, he made the phone calls and appointments with the necessary professionals before contacting us. When we asked for advice, Dale informed us and when we asked what he would do, he would provide several ideas. Although the sale of the house was not what we had thought it would be in the beginning, the negotiations with the seller were easy and beyond what we expected working to our advantage. All in all, we believe the buyers were as happy with the negotiations and final terms as we were.


Aishwarya wrote:

"I am so glad I found Dale! I am a first time home buyer and had no knowledge the process. From the very first day I emailed Dale to this day when I got the keys for my house, Dale was there in every step of the process. With the market being the way it is, we had to make three other offers before getting an offer accepted on a home I fell in love with. He is remarkably patient and knowledgeable. I was on a tight deadline and he made sure I found a house and closed on it in less than two months. Not only was I lucky to find a great realtor like Dale, I also believe I've found a good friend."

Hunter and Amy wrote:

Dale was able to help us navigate the home buying process seamlessly. Since we were brand new to this process, Dale took the time to explain the steps with great detail and made sure we had all the information before we submitted an offer. Dale was thorough, responded very quickly no matter the time of day, and updated us as soon as anything changed or with any new information that he discovered. I would recommend Dale to anyone, no questions asked.


Josh and Jackie wrote:

A friend of ours strongly suggested Dale Robbins when we decided to sell and buy a new home, now we know why. Me and my wife were impressed by the standard of professionalism, knowledge, and approachablity that Mr. Robbins carries. Dale took time to answer all of our questions, and walked us through every process. With his high level of dedication, experience, and friendliness, Dale Robbins made our home buying comfortable and easy. Me and my wife will definatley recommend Dale Robbins to anyone who is looking to buy or sell and home.


Mark and Jennifer wrote:

We cannot thank you enough for all of your help and guidance with selling our townhome and the purchase of our new home. We truly appreicate everything you did. Sincerly, Mark and Jennifer.


Jon and Jamie wrote:

We were very impressed with our Realtor Dale Robbins. He was very knowledgeable and professional. He was always more than happy to talk to us about any questions or concerns with our home buying process. He provides excellent customer service and we would highly recommend using him to anyone looking to buy or sale a home. 


Mike and Kristin wrote:

We loved our experience with Dale, he worked hard for us and really got us what we wanted. We would never work with another agent. He listened to what we wanted and we never felt pressured. It was a very easy experience. We felt very comfortable with Dale. He was always willing to meet us or talk to us, it was really a great experience buying our forever home. We had worked with an agent previously and it was an awful experience for us. Dale made everything easy and relaxed. He never made us feel like we were a burden on him.


Keith and Theresa wrote:

We found Dale Robbins to be a true professional as a Realtor®. Very well use to Tech applications, we reviewed 154 possible houses, coming to North Carolina, we "paired it down to 28". Looked at about all and made an offer which after negoiations was accepted. (two days). Very great experience. From being well out of state, we bought a very nice home in the Troutman NC area.  Keith and Theresa, New Albany, Ohio, soon to be in North Carolina.


Charlie and Sherry wrote:

Dale helped us with selling our lake home. I highly recommend using Dale in any real estate transaction, buying or selling. He is hard working, kind and honest. He is very easy to work with and very well educated in real estate. He always responded back to us with answers to all of our questions in a very timely manner. Thank you, Dale, for making everything run so smoothly and fast. (Sold in less than 3 weeks). We will be using him in the future.


From the other side of the closing table; the seller wrote:

"Good morning Mr, Robbins,

I wanted to send you a quick email to commend you. I was able to observe you from the other side on how you conducted your business and how you represented your clients. I have bought and sold several homes and I don't think I ever saw a Realtor® that was as thorough and orginaized as you were. You were very engaged with your clients and I could tell you cared about their wants and needs. It was obvious that you educated your clients and represented them well. It was a pleasure meeting you and it was a joy to do business with you. I really enjoyed observing someone that does a great job and takes pride in their work.

Good luck to you and god bless,




Craig and Julie wrote:

This was our second time using Dale's services to buy and sell our homes. He is committed to making the process go as smoothly as possible and was always prompt with respondng to our needs. He is very knowledgable about the real estate market and helped us with appropriately listing our home (which went under contract in less than 3 weeks). You will not be disappointed by his level of customer service.


Rick and Dee Dee wrote:

Dale made every step of the home buying process easy and enjoyable for me and my family. We were moving to Charlotte from out of state and Dale had multiple houses lined up for us to visit when we arrived and they were all the type, size, and price range we described to him. In the end Dale found our family the exact home we were looking for. We feel we found the home with the most value at a reasonable price. Being from out of state we did not know any lawyers or home inspectors, etc. here and Dale helped us in every step once we choose the home. We closed quickly and it was 100% pleasurable process working with Dale.


Justin and Heather wrote:

I've used Dale before as my Realtor® for over a decade now. After experience with other Realtors® in this area I can surely say Dale is head and shoulders above the others. He is always available and walks with his clients through every step of the buying and selling process. He is knowledgable with the market and will deliver. I'd recommend Dale to anyone and can assure he won't disappoint.  


Josh and Ashley wrote:

"First and Foremost, Dale is a very experienced individual when it comes to being a professional realtor. My fiance and I were using another agent through a corporation/company and had been searching for several months, finding houses that we liked and making offers but were unsuccessful in getting a home. We decided to do some searching ourselves and found out about Dale Robbins through Zillow and begin discussing some of the details we wanted and areas we were looking at. From the first meeting with Dale, showing us houses, we could already tell that he had much more knowledge than our previous agent. Dale was professional in discussing business and also made us feel like we were his main priority and to find the right home, and was clearly willing to go the extra mile for us. He was ALWAYS very responsive with any questions we had, day or night. If we asked a question, he always responded to us in an hour or less. Communication was a very big deal for us as our first agent could take days to respond. Within a month and a half of first talking with Dale and giving him information, we found the house of our dreams and closed on that house. The system that Dale set us up with was also showing us the types of homes that we only wanted to see and was showing us more valuable homes than our previous agent. When we asked if he could show us a property, it was either that same day or the following day. If I ever end up buying another house in the Charlotte area, I WILL be using Dale Robbins Realty. We cannot thank you enough for all the help on finding our first home."


Richie and Roxanne wrote:

"Dale was great to work with and made purchasing our most recent home in Mooresville a positive experience . He was very knowledgeable and promptly responded to all of our phone calls and emails. He was always willing to meet us to see the property or to go over paperwork whenever we needed to. I would certainly recommend Dale to anyone looking to buy or sell a home."


John and Michelle wrote:

"We highly recommend Dale Robbins. He was professional and was with us every step of the buying process. He made you feel like family. Dale fought for our best interest the entire time. we would definitely use him again!"


Sheree wrote:

"Words cannot express how much I feel about Dale Robbins as a Real Estate Professional. (He is also a great guy!) He comes in, knows the area, knows the closing attorneys, the appraisal people, phone numbers and it does not end there. I would highly recommend him for anyone.He is hands on and does NOT stop until you have the house that you want. He is the BEST in this business hands down!!!"


Tim and Lynda wrote:

"When my husband and I started looking for a home for our son, we were dreading the "Realtor search" (figured they were all like car salesmen). We had been down that road before with two other Realtors in several years past and it was not a good experience either time. We were fortunate to find Dale Robbins. He was always there for us, no matter where we wanted to look, he was always working for us. He looked into all properties we asked him to and had all the information ready before we asked. He was always prepared for the next showing. After looking at a few homes and deciding that we were looking at the wrong homes, and even after changing "home types" he took everything in stride. He know we were serious about buying, we just needed to find the right place and he hung in there with us all the way through closing! He was prompt about getting our offers to the right people and he was able to get responses faster than we expected on those offers. We never had any surprises, he always made sure we knew what to expect next. The closing was easy and a good experience. We have changed our fear of ever looking for another "Realtor". Dale will always be our Realtor. Dale was not pushes and never tried to talk us into anything, never tried to cover up a problem with some sort of brush-off. Dale listened to what we wanted and worked hard to make it happen. He went out of his way to make sure we were happy. Dale was a delight to work with. We owe a great big "Thank you" to Dale Robbins Realty."


Garrett and Jennifer wrote:

There are so many things I could say about Dale, but I'll just say this: He is the best! We are first time home buyers (home owners now!), and we happened across Dale on Zillow. He walked us through every process, and had detailed answers to all of our questions. We told him what our budget was, and he didn't push anything on us. In fact, we picked out the homes we wanted to see, and he made it happen. I feel that we were a little demanding at times, but Dale didn't seem to mind. He's so easy to work with, and very knowledgeable about the entire home buying process. We were very comfortable with him, and that was important yo us. I would definitely recommend him to anyone I know....


SMA Investments wrote:
Dale helped us with selling our set of apartments and did a fantastic job. He is hard working, dedicated and honest. I would use him again in the future. He was very knowledgeable about the real estate laws and had good advice for me prior to selling them. Buying or selling, you must give this guy a chance, you’ll be glad you did ! 

Chris wrote:
Dale was very experienced when it came to helping me and my wife by a house. Dale was able to understand our request for housing preferences and then constantly made suggestions on certain homes. We were most impressed with his attention to detail and how he did not pressure us even when we were on the fence about certain houses. From the time we steped foot on a property he was looking for red flags and selling points based on our preferences. He used technology(text messaging, email, fax, and scanning) to make the physical distance between us seem as a non factor. He was willing to show us a house quickly even when it wasnt the best time for him. His knowledge of the closing process and all the stresses that surrounded it was very reassuring and comforting so my wife and I could focus on other things that came with buying a home. All in all Dale was one of the kindest, most hardworking, and knowledgable agents around and in the end was able to help me and my wife get in the home of our dreams while helping us maintain some level of sanity. I would recommend anyone in the rowan county area use Dale Robbins to purchase a home.

Ryan wrote:
Dale was a great resource through the home buying process. He was very flexible for our busy schedule and always made appointments with our builder and inspector. Great local knowledge with expertise in home construction. We had to sell our first home before we could complete our new home and
Dale was a great resource helping us through negotiations and logistics of closing on both homes. Our complex experience seemed so easy with his coaching and leadership.

Brian wrote:
I purchased my first home in 2010 and had the pleasure of using Dale as my realtor. Dale enabled and provided an excellent home buying experience for me from the time I began my search for a home until I closed. He was up-to-date on all current regulations and knew the process for purchasing property like the back of his hand. He was 100% reliable, professional, and truly worked for the buyer, not just for a paycheck. At no time in the process did I ever feel pressured to buy the home. His responsiveness to my inquiries were always accurate, informative, and fast. If I ever purchase another property I will, without a doubt, be using Dale as my realtor. I highly recommend using Dale in any real estate purchase in Iredell and surrounding counties.


Ron and Nancy wrote:
Thank you so much for all the hard work and time you gave to help Scott and Sharon find their special home. They couldn't have done it without you. Thank you again.


Dee Ann wrote:
Dale was extremely helpful in our desire to purchase. His expertise in the realty world was above impressive. You can tell he is well educated on real estate and care much for his clients. I am sure he will go far in his career.


Tanya wrote:

Dale, I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for everthing you did to help us sale own house. You know as well as anyone how discouraging the whole process was for us! What a rollercoaster of emotions! I am so thankful it closed and is no longer a burden on us. You were awesume and I would recommend you to anyone I know. You never gave up and were so diligent with everything. I could't have found a better Realtor if I searched the entire country. Thanks


Barb and Ken wrote:

How very kind, considerate and most thoughtful person and businessman you are "one-in-a-million". I give you an A-, Now I could have given you an A+ but, I don't want your head to swell out too, too much !!! ha ha ha ha... Your wife would never forgive me! Give her my regards! Ken and I "love" our new home. 


Mike wrote:

Dale,Thank you for selling my house in these difficult times in the USA. I would also like to thank you for making the closing go so smooth.